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Services for Individuals

We do not perceive technology as a threat but rather as an opportunity. We believe in combining technology and the human element of emotional understanding.

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Aequitum provides the link between families and finance, translating human hopes and wishes into achievable goals. An open, constructive relationship, where logic mixes with empathy, gives our clients access to global yet low-cost investment opportunities. Our aim is to identify solutions that efficiently meet the exact needs of each family.

We bring together around Aequitum’s table the ambitions and expectations of our clients, the capacity of international financial institutions, and the expertise of professionals specializing in family estate planning. We strive to add value at every stage of a family’s long-term journey toward shared objectives.

Investment Management

We provide professional management of various financial assets, which includes strategic asset allocation, portfolio implementation, management of tactical opportunities, and ongoing monitoring and adjustment of investments.

Wealth Architecture

Wealth architecture refers to the strategic design and structuring of an individual's or family's wealth to optimize its growth, preservation, and distribution over time. By carefully sculpting our clients’ wealth, we maximize financial opportunities and create a legacy for future generations.

Investment Management

Investment management entails the administration of diverse financial assets with the objective of attaining specific, predefined financial targets. Our investment philosophy is distinguished by our commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining an open architecture, minimizing fees, and providing organizational flexibility. 

Asset Management

Asset management is the art and science of effectively overseeing various types of assets to achieve financial growth and stability. It involves strategic asset allocation, portfolio implementation, management of tactical opportunities, and much more.

Manager Selection

Our team of investment professionals diligently identifies the most promising managers of funds, carefully selecting those that align most closely with your specific investment objectives.

Capital Market

Your investment potential should not be limited by geographical borders. Our network and expertise allow us to provide access to global capital markets, opening up a world of investment opportunities for you to explore.

Risk Management

Our comprehensive risk management services are designed to help you calibrate your risk/return profile. Our team of experts diligently analyses your investment portfolio, assessing various risk factors, and conducting thorough risk assessments.


Wealth Architecture

“Wealth Architecture” conveys the idea of designing and building a solid foundation for your wealth, which is exactly what our services aim to do. Such activity involves carefully planning and crafting a customized wealth management strategy.

Banking Relationship Management

We can help you navigate the complex world of banking and financial services. From identifying the best banking options to negotiating favourable terms, we will help you make the most of your banking relationships.

Consolidated Risk-Oriented Report

Keeping track of your investments can be a daunting task, especially when they are spread out across multiple accounts and institutions. Our consolidated, risk-oriented report simplifies the process by providing a comprehensive overview of your portfolio’s performance and risk exposure. 

Financial Planning and Goal Setting

Our dedicated team works in close partnership with you to create a tailor-made financial plan that reflects your unique aspirations and objectives. Through careful goal setting and strategic guidance, we empower you to make informed decisions and stay focused on achieving your desired financial outcomes.

Financial Education and Family Coverage Our team provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to enhance your financial literacy and acquire the confidence required to make informed financial decisions. 
Family Governance

We assist you in establishing effective family governance structures and facilitate discussions around succession planning. Our goal is to promote family unity, facilitate smooth transitions, and ensure the preservation and continuity of your family's wealth for future generations.

Philanthropic Advising Philanthropic advising is a specialized service that assists individuals, families, and organizations in making impactful and strategic charitable contributions. Our advisors help you identify causes and organizations aligned with your values, develop a philanthropic strategy, and navigate the complexities of charitable giving. 

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