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The website serves solely for informational purposes. It is not intended to provide financial or investment advice, nor does it serve as a basis for specific actions or decisions. It is strongly recommended to always seek personal advice before taking any action related to any information found on or through the website Accessing the website and/or submitting inquiries through forms and/or via email does not establish a contract between Aequitum and the user (which occurs exclusively through the signing of a specific mandate between Aequitum and the client) and should not be construed and/or imply the provision of advice on any specific matter.

No liability

Despite Aequitum and its collaborators paying particular attention to the quality and information contained on this website, Aequitum SA is not responsible and disclaims any liability for inaccuracies, errors, and/or omissions in the content of this website and/or for the results of its use. Aequitum SA is in no way responsible for the content of any website referenced or accessible from the website. Links are provided for informational purposes only and are accessed at the user's exclusive risk and peril.

Copyright law

All materials, including photographs, designs, and publications that are part of this website, are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights, and all rights remain reserved to the rights holder. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or retransmission of the material contained on the website is prohibited.

E-mail messages

Please note that email communications are not secure, do not guarantee the confidentiality of exchanged information, and may be subject to interception and technical or operational interference. Aequitum SA does not guarantee a timely response to instructions received via email and assumes no responsibility for breaches of professional secrecy due to email communication. In the context of the normal contractual relationship, at the client's risk and peril, Aequitum may correspond via email. However, for urgent and/or highly confidential information, the use of encrypted and certified systems is recommended.

Data protection

Regarding Aequitum's conduct on data protection matters, please refer to the privacy policy ( Although Aequitum provides its services to a domestic clientele, does not have a business establishment or branch in any European state, and does not engage in promotion or profiling activities in Europe, in the spirit of utmost transparency, if the use of this website were to in any way fall under the scope of GDPR, the terms outlined in the privacy policy (also known as the privacy policy) would become applicable. Non-European users, especially individuals residing in Switzerland, are primarily protected by the Federal Act on Data Protection, which underwent a complete revision and came into effect on September 1, 2023, and to which Aequitum adheres in the handling of collected data. Aequitum places particular importance on the protection of personal data, as its business involves offering individuals, families, institutions, and entities a comprehensive partner for 360° financial planning. We encourage you, in case of any questions or concerns regarding data protection, to contact us (see contacts) or write to us at the email address

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

In connection with the consultation, use, and any activities related to the website, exclusively Swiss substantive law applies, excluding international law and all and any international agreements, treaties, and conventions, except for mandatory provisions recognized and applicable under Swiss law. The exclusive jurisdiction for all and any disputes relating to or arising from the website is hereby designated as the Court of Lugano.

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