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Services for Institutions

Institutions are not abstract entities; they are people who meet challenges with responsibility and passion. At Aequitum, we support them in their complex roles.

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Individuals are the driving force behind institutions: people working to enhance their communities, regions, and groups. At Aequitum, we stand by them, offering assistance in streamlining, maximizing, and enriching their investments.

Our investment committee draws on a rich technical and cultural background, representing four generations of professionals with considerable and complementary expertise. By assessing the classical drivers of investment performance (objectives, costs, and risks), they provide institutions with the best opportunities for the long term.

Investment Management

Institutions have different missions, constraints, and time horizons. Most of them have a mandatory spending rate that requires a focus on finding the best long-term investments to achieve the needed regular returns. Their specificities often necessitate a different approach to portfolio construction. Our experienced team is committed to constructing diversified portfolios that align precisely with the investment objectives of each institution we serve.


We provide strategic advice on a wide range of financial matters, including investment management, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and financial planning. When working with institutions, we adopt a collaborative approach that prioritizes expert guidance and empowers clients to make informed investment decisions. We encourage our clients’ autonomy, customization, and transparency, thus fostering a partnership that aligns financial strategies with their goals and preferences.

Investment Management Services

We focus on developing customized strategies aligned with institutions' long-term goals. This involves determining specific strategic allocations to create tailored portfolios while also monitoring counterparties and integrating ESG considerations to ensure compliance and optimize returns.

Strategic Asset Allocation and Portfolio Implementation

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with institutions to develop a customized investment strategy that aligns with their goals. Through a meticulous assessment of risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and investment horizon, we develop a tailored portfolio that aims to optimize returns while effectively managing risk.

ESG Compliance We embrace and integrate the significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into our investment decision-making process. Our team integrates ESG considerations into institutions' investment strategies to ensure alignment with their values and compliance with relevant regulations.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services endorse a collaborative and empowering approach. We assist in selecting asset managers, perform due diligence on direct investments, provide consolidated risk reporting, offer asset liability management, and deliver expert board advice on financial matters.

Selection of Asset Managers

We leverage our extensive network and due diligence process to identify top-performing traditional and alternative asset managers who are best suited for the institutions' investment objectives.

Due Diligence on Direct Investment Opportunities We perform comprehensive due diligence on any direct investment opportunities that are presented to the institution. Our team evaluates the investment's risk-return profile, market dynamics, and other relevant factors to determine its suitability for their portfolio.
Consolidated Risk Report

We offer institutions an advanced risk management consolidation platform that empowers them to effectively monitor and manage their portfolio's risk exposure. We help institutions gain deep insights into the risks associated with their investments and take proactive measures to mitigate them.

Asset Liability Management Asset-liability management involves aligning an institution's assets and liabilities in a way that optimizes the balance between risk and return. In order to develop a well-rounded investment strategy, several factors are considered, including cash flows, interest rate risk, liquidity needs, and regulatory requirements.
Counterparties Optimization Counterparty optimization involves a thorough assessment and ongoing evaluation of the counterparties with whom institutions engage in financial transactions. We evaluate factors such as their financial stability, track record, reputation, and adherence to regulatory standards. By conducting in-depth due diligence, we ensure that the counterparties meet the necessary criteria to safeguard the institution's interests. 
Board Advising on Financial Issues We offer comprehensive board advisory services, providing institutions' boards with expert advice and guidance on a wide range of financial issues that may arise.

Legal notice & Information for clients

Ensure that your institution’s finances are secured and enhanced.

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